San Diego Comic Con badge resale

Just a quick geek culture service announcement. For those who don’t have Comic Con International (SDCC) badges, if you were hoping to get in on the returned badge resale, there will be 5000 single day badges going on sale in the near future. However, you’ll need to get a Member ID to purchase a badge, and the Member ID system is closing down on May 24th (tomorrow) at 5:30pm Pacific Time.

I’m guessing single day badges are probably most interesting to people who already live in Southern California and can drive to the San Diego Convention Center since by now every hotel room near SDCC has been purchased. However, San Diego is an absolutely gorgeous city, right on the Pacific Ocean, it’s large enough to have a “major city” vibe but small enough that it’s not nearly as sprawling as Los Angeles. You could do a lot worse than plan a San Diego vacation in a nice hotel further out on the shuttle route and include a day or two at SDCC as part of your summer fun.

Comic Con International has more details on their web site.

Good luck to anyone who who tries for badges!

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