Captain America: The Winter Soldier Is A Winner

We recently saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier (in glorious 2D; we generally avoid 3D). Marvel Studios has been firing on all cylinders when it comes to their movies for a while now, and this one is no exception. It moves at a frenetic, exciting pace, has snappy dialog, really well choreographed action sequences, and for a film that uses …

Orren MertonCaptain America: The Winter Soldier Is A Winner

It’s definitely worth visiting Thor’s Dark World

Yesterday, Michelle and I went to the cinema to see Thor: The Dark World. The title, for those who wonder, relates to one of the “nine realms” in Marvel’s Thor mythology, specifically the world of Dark Elves, Svartalfheim, called “the dark world” by those who find the name a mouthful. Those are the big baddies of the movie, and they definitely …

Orren MertonIt’s definitely worth visiting Thor’s Dark World

The effects of Gravity

  For Michelle’s birthday, we saw Gravity, one of the rare truly original science fiction films not based on an existing franchise. The movie stars Sandra Bullock as a scientist and George Clooney as an astronaut who end up in a catastrophic disaster in orbit. And that’s all the plot you’ll get from me. Instead, let me just say that …

Orren MertonThe effects of Gravity

Iron Man: The third time’s a charm

  Last night, we saw Iron Man 3 in glorious 2D (I doubt we ever will be truly sold on 3D…sorry major studios). And it was thoroughly enjoyable. It was definitely a more coherent and cohesive movie than Iron Man 2. And it managed to walk the line between answering “serious” questions such as how would a “non-enhanced” human being …

Orren MertonIron Man: The third time’s a charm

The Aisle seat is open: Goodbye Roger Ebert

I’ve never paid close attention to movie reviews. Probably because the movies I like tend to be “review proof” movies like action, adventure, superhero, fantasy, and science-fiction films. And by review proof I mean two things. First, the films have a built-in appeal to their target audience, so even if they’re terrible they’ll sell tickets. After all, the reviews of …

Orren MertonThe Aisle seat is open: Goodbye Roger Ebert

The Dark Knight that sticks with you

Friday night, Michelle and I saw The Dark Knight Rises at a local IMAX theater. We figured that since Christopher Nolan went through all the trouble of filming the movie partially in IMAX, the least we can do is see it as it was meant to be seen. What follows is my spoiler free review of the movie (I hate …

Orren MertonThe Dark Knight that sticks with you

Hi-yo Silver, Away!

When I was young, I used to watch The Lone Ranger all the time. It was a fun adventure show about the last survivor of a brutal attack on a group of Texas Rangers and Tonto, the Indian warrior who saved him. The show wasn’t simply mindless fun, it took it’s positive moral center very seriously. There’s been a movie …

Orren MertonHi-yo Silver, Away!

Cowboys and Aliens and the Kitchen Sink

I just saw Cowboys and Aliens with Michelle and my brother- and father-in-law. It was an entertaining movie. Lively action, great effects, and the acting of Daniel Craig and especially Harrison Ford was excellent. Both clearly enjoyed their roles, chewed up every scene together, and helped make it an enjoyable ride. But be warned, enjoyable entertainment does not mean that …

Orren MertonCowboys and Aliens and the Kitchen Sink

In Paul, we all are aliens

There is a brief exchange at the beginning of the movie Paul between Clive (Nick Frost), Graeme (Simon Pegg), and a Hispanic busboy delivering their room service pizza. The English pair ask the busboy what he thinks about aliens. “What kind of aliens?” the busboy asks with a hint of both defensiveness and accusation. The answer to that question is …

Orren MertonIn Paul, we all are aliens

The Avengers: Fan-Made Trailer

This is a pretty amazingly enticing trailer for Marvel’s Summer 2012 movie The Avengers—and it was put together from existing Marvel movie trailers by a fan, Yoko Higuchi. Enjoy!

Orren MertonThe Avengers: Fan-Made Trailer