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It would have been easier if the patio didn’t collapse

This blog is about three weeks late. I’ve been busy. Three weeks ago, I was overseeing reconstruction of our collapsed patio cover. You see, there was a major hailstorm that blew through Southern California in early January, and the aged, rusted, not-well-secured patio cover attached to our 1931 home collapsed in the storm. So about a week after that, reconstruction of our patio cover commenced. But that’s not what this blog is about.

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Thoughts on a half century

The other day, I had officially reached a “milestone” age: half a century–an age at which young people officially consider you old, but older people still consider you young. This is in contrast to being, say, 70, which is an age at which someone older than that will certainly consider you younger, but not young. You hear older people say “age is just a number” and in a very real sense, that is true.

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Happy 4th Birthday Drax!

So here’s the truth: At first, I didn’t want Drax. There were already two large dogs (Luna the giant schnauzer and Reilly the Irish wolfhound) and a cat (Shadow) in a two bedroom condo, and adding a crazy, rambunctious giant schnauzer puppy–especially one from true German working dog lines–didn’t seem like the smartest idea. Drax was a livewire of energy, a full-tilt diva, bouncing off the walls, ceiling, and everything in between.

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