Firebird Alex

Firebird Alex by Orren Merton
Firebird Alex by Orren Merton (The Sedumen Chronicles #1, ISBN: 9780983023685) published on June 2, 2014 by Darkling Books. Read the first chapter now.

Alex knows she’s different; other girls don’t burst into flames when they get angry. After she nearly burned the house down when she was twelve, her mother confessed that her father was a demon.

Now eighteen and mourning the death of her mother, Alex sinks inside herself until she discovers a dagger that can open a portal into her father’s realm. Although she yearns to meet her father, nothing terrifies her more. When an unknown threat from across the portal menaces her friends and her loved ones, Alex knows she must act.

Alex will do anything to save her friends—even risk appealing to her father in his strange universe of bizarre creatures, unfamiliar alliances, and unimagined power. She knows that to face a tormentor from across the portal, she’ll need to learn to fight fire with fire.

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